The Girl: Geimer's "Memoir"

1. The Girl Who Couldn't Say 'No"
2. Lies, Damn Lies, and Samantha the Prepubescent
3. 'Victim Blaming' and 'Rape Apology'
4. A Dozen Impossible Things Before Breakfast
5. Liar, Liar, Panties on Fire!
6. "I Made The Decision to Let Him Do It" - Taking What She Says for Granted, As an Experiment
7. Contextual Lies (1): Righteous Indignation and Implied Sarcasm
8. Contextual Lies (2): Distortion, Insinuation, and Manipulation
9. Let's Blame Everything on Him!
10. Shamelessness
11. Separating the Truth from Lies


Samskara said...


My apologies for not having been available, but family issues are trying at the present. I take care of my 90 year-old mother and sometimes don't get as much time as I'd like. So sorry my friend.

Now, I'd like to ask a few questions as I cannot bring myself to buy this wretched tome as the excerpts I've read here have angered me beyond my ability to focus on her drivel. So here are my questions:

1) At any point throughout the pages, does she refer to anything sensory? What I mean by that is, when what happened to me happened, my rapist touched me in the small of my back to bring me close to him. To this day I still jump when someone touches me there.

2) Does she ever say anything about feeling disconnected from everything? Namely, at the time of her 'horrible event,' does she say anything about the sounds she heard? When what happened to me happened, I went into a fugue and it felt like all the blood ran to my head and I couldn't hear anything but my own heart beating.

3) Does she mention anything regarding the things she remembers looking at? In my case, I was looking up at the light fixture in my room, feeling a strangeness of being underwater. Of course those were my tears I was seeing. Does she even mention crying?

4) Does she mention anything Polanski may have said during the 'event'? I remember a lot of heavy breathing and still get a heavy feeling when I hear something similar.

5) Does she mention anything regarding what she smelled or anything about how Polanski smelled? There is a certain cologne I cannot stand and when I smell it on anyone near me, I have to get away.

And lastly, 6) Does she recall any pain she experienced during the event? I remember pain. I remember what it felt like when he was ramming himself into me. I also remember what it felt like to be under him and the crushing feeling I had with him over top of me. The weight of his body.

The reason I'm asking this is there is always a sensory thing attached with being raped. You remember small things, like scents, sounds, feelings, weird things like with me "Why was I underwater?" Things like that. From what you've provided here it just seems like everything she's describing is as if someone wrote a script and she's just reiterating it all. She just doesn't seem like she went through it as a rape, more like a night of unfulfilled sex. The one thing I remember was I couldn't have sex until years after. I think it was about four or five years after the event. Now I know some women who experience rape can sometimes become promiscuous, but there is always a regret they feel. I also remember that night I had put on The Eagles "Hotel California" on my turntable on my stereo and whenever I hear it today, I can't help but get a momentary flashback to that night. Does she ever mention anything like that?

If not to all the above, then it wasn't rape. I also remember being sort of out of myself for the rest of that night. I also remember specifically I didn't bathe for days afterwards. I don't know why, I just didn't. I also remember during the oral sex he had me perform on him, his taste and what it felt like to choke on his member. Does she recall anything like that?

Sorry for being too graphic, but reading through all of this has me infuriated. The part where she says she's written to real victims of rape just piques my ire and reminds me why I hate her with a steaming hot passion.

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