The 1977 Case: Crucial Facts and Quotes

Did You Know

  • That Miss Gailey’s medical examination hadn’t found any trace, not only of “rape”, but of any intercourse at all?
  • That the same medical examination defines her as “adult female”?
  • That everybody, even the arresting officer, agreed that Miss Gailey was remarkably mature and looked no younger than18?
  • That this is what she looked like at that time:

    while the black-and-white photo of her looking over her shoulder was taken a few months before the alleged events (and has nothing to do with Polanski)?
  • That Miss Gailey testified to having had previous sexual experience?
  • That Miss Gailey was never tested for any intoxicating substance in her blood, which would have to be done had there been any suspicion of intoxication?
  • That the only “evidence” the Gaileys produced was a pair of panties stained with semen which, according to the expert, belonged to a male physically unable to have children?
  •  That no comparative expertise was done nevertheless?
  •  That Miss Gailey flatly refused to ever be cross-examined, to testify in a trial, to undergo therapy and psychiatric assessment – that is, everything that might entail closer scrutiny of her allegations?
  • That all accounts Ms.Geimer has later given of the events contradict each other and her own testimony in all points?

Important Quotes:

From Ms.Geimer’s medical examination:
No blood on clothing, panties or perineum… full speculum examination done with ease, examined her without problems – adult female… anal examination: there are no per-anal hematoma, lacerations or blood… no traumatic acute fissures seen… no sphincter tear… no evidence of force entry and the examination was normal. Vaginal and anal slides were taken which, according to the Los Angeles police department criminalist were negative, were tested negative for semen.

From Dr.Larson's Grand Jury testimony:
Q. On your examination of the anus, did you find any evidence which would indicate that a penis had been placed in her anus?
A. No, I did not.

From Samantha Geimer’s 2000 interview:
He had sex with me. He wasn’t hurting me, and he wasn’t forceful or mean or anything like that.

From Geimer’s 2010 interview:
KING: So therefore, was there a lot of pain involved or no?
GEIMER: No, no. It was nothing like that.
KING: It was intercourse?
GEIMER: It was just sex.

From The Girl, Geimer's memoir:
I never felt in physical danger.
I felt certain I could have made him stop.
I made the decision to let him do it.

Judge Rittenband to The Spokesman-Review (Sep 20, 1977): 
“A well-developed young girl who looked older than her years, and regrettably was not unschooled in sexual matters”; “not an inexperienced and unsophisticated young girl” 

From Samantha Geimer’s 2010 Larry King interview:
KING: Honestly, was this your first experience?
KING: You'd had sex before that?
GEIMER: I had a boyfriend for a long time. And we had become sexually active, yes.

From the Probation Report:
 “… the present offense was neither an aggressive nor forceful sexual act." 

From psychiatric examination report by psychiatrist Alvin E.Davis:
Defendant is not mentally ill or disordered, does not have a clinically observable personality or character deviation. Is not a sexual deviate…  He is not a pedophile… The offense occurred as an isolated instance of transient poor judgment… The provocative circumstances, permissiveness and knowledge of circumstances by mother, physical maturity and willingness and provocativeness of victim, and the lack of coercion by defendant… all contribute to the above impression…

Lawrence Silver, Ms.Gailey's attorney:
He was supposed to be treated fairly in court, and he clearly was not.